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The Power of Science and Nature

The Power of Science and Nature


Formulated with advanced miconutrients to benefit the graft recipient and donor sites.


Improved results by providing an optimal environment with moisture and comfort.


Designed with premium ingredients using innovative hair transplant technology.


A positive experience after hair restoration surgery is our top priority.

Our Products

Full Package

The Day and Night System - a dual spray designed for convenience along with the FGE Cu-Peptide Conditioning Shampoo. All contained in a stylish to go sized pouch.

Day and Night System

A dual spray system is designed for convenience of use with on-the-go flexibility. One spray for daytime hours, and another before going to sleep at night.

Conditioning Shampoo

FGE Cu-Peptide Conditioning Shampoo contains a gentle formulation of mild ingredients to cleanse the scalp, providing nourishment and comfort after surgery.


“I have been extremely pleased with the results of the Folican Graft Enhancement products. I recommend them to all my patients.”

-Dr. Paul Rose

Hair Transplant Institute – Miami, FL

“Our hair restoration patients benefit from the kits as they assist during the postoperative period”.

-Jacques Abrahamian MPAS.

LA Hair Clinic – Pasadena, CA

“The sprays were terrific and easy to use. I was even able to apply the daytime spray while at work the next day. It made my post-op experience much easier”.

-John D.

Austin, TX